Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Hey Guys!
Happy Birthday Dad!! I am sorry didnt get anything off sonner. Youll be getting something in the mail here soon. I was meaning to get something sent off last monday but we had a crazy day, and the only time i can really send anything out is on mondays, so i am really sorry. Happy Birthday though!!! It sounds like you guys had a really fun weekend with everyone. That is cool that Ray and Brett went up there. Did you guys spend any time out on the lake at all? I am excited to relax a bit out on the lake. Its going to feel wierd though. Ive spent two years not having time for anything but work, so it will be a different experience just sitting and soaking up the rays.
How is the weather out there right now? Its officially Spring time over here. The weather has been perfect. Hopefully it will stay that way until yall come out. I dont really know in what order to visit those few areas yet. I still need to call a bunch of people in Fort Walton and see what would be best for them. I am thinking that we could drive up to Troy first, then down through Crestview and over to Fort Walton last since that's when most of the people will be home. Ed Stevens will be home all day and that is really one of the only people i would like to visit up there. Maybe one other investigator family. I dont know. I will figure that all out this week and let you know next week what would be best.
I am up for doing anything yall want to do on that Saturday. I really dont mind. It will be fun whatever we choose to do. I just want to be with our family, that's all i really care about. That'll be fun if Ray and Brett come by Saturday as well. They're family anyways. Maybe you guys can pick out your favorite episode of the office and we can watch that or something, i dont know. Just make it a clean one haha.
We don't really have any big plans for before i leave besides just working hard. Im trying to not talk about going home too much and im just doing my best to finish strong. We have been knocking on a ton of doors lately because we dont have to many appointments that go through. We are still teaching Will and Whitney, but we are pushing their dates back because they didn't make it to church this week. They are still doing good though. Our other investigator Julianne is doing good. She just had a baby so she hasnt been able to come to church, but she is reading and marking the Book of Mormon every day. We a few really solid investigators this week through tracting, so we are hoping to have more appointments this upcoming week.
Elder Jenkins is such an awesome companion. Me and him have the best time together every day. Missionary work is so much fun when you are with someone that you love to be around. He will be home anout three months after me so we will keep in touch.
I am so excited to see you guys! I am so excited for you to interview with President Summerhays, and to meet Ed, and to just drive around through the last two years of my life. I love you guys! I will get some pictures printed off today and send them out. You only get three more emails!
I love you!
Elder Burnham

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