Monday, April 12, 2010

Last letter from Josh

Hey guys!

So we just got tranfer information. I guess i am getting tranferred again! I cant believe its actually here. It is the wierdest feeling knowing that this week i am going to see all of you. I dont know what happened! I cant believe over two years ago i was saying goodbye at the airport. It is so crazy how fast time just flies bye. I have just had two of some of the most incredible years of my life, and now its on to the next phase.

I called around yesterday to alot of people in Fort Walton and alot of people said that they would be home. I figure we can drive up to Dothan first thing in the Morning and see Ed and everything up there. Then we can drive down maybe through Crestwiew to Fort Walton and spend some time down there. We will probably have a good amount of time there since most of the people wont be home until around after 4, so maybe we can go down to Fort Walton beach and Destin beach and we can go walk along the beaches or something. It is so awsome there.

Our interview with President Suummerhays is at 9pm. I dont really know what time he wants you to be there though. I know that is when visiting hours start for all of the missionaries there. I would call the mission home just to make sure. Make sure to get some sleep when you get in on wednesday as well; We are going to be really tired all day thursday if you dont.

I have been feeling much better this week. We have been able to get alot of good work in for my last week. We did alot of service on Thursday and Friday. There is an old Scottish member in his 80's who we visit every once in a while, and he had a bunch of logs that he needed chopped. He had a log splitter and some axes, so we all worked on that most of Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday we went back and hauled it all into his woodshed. We also had some really good lessons this week. We taught one of our investigators in a members home and she had a really good experience. She felt the Spirit really strongly when we taught about eternal families because she is getting marries next month. We did alot of tracting this week as well. Yesterday was pretty much my last prosyliting day because today is p-day and ill be in Tallahasse for most of the day, then tomorrow we have district meeting, then an appointment, then for most of the remaining time i will be packing. We are going to knock a few doors just so at leat i can say i tracted my last day, but thats pretty much it.

I Know that this is exactly where i have needed to be. This mission has changed my life. Ive learned how to set a pattern that allows me to rely on the Holy Ghost, and i know that its going to bless the rest of my life. President has taled to me alot about school, work and family. He gave me a blessing this last Zone Conference and blessed me that i would be succesful in my schooloing, in my career and in my future family. He once again told me that i would find a girl fairly soon who would make me a better person haha. Anyways, im just so grateful for this experience, because i know how much its going to bless my children. I know that this is Jesus Christ's church. I know that He called Joseph to be an instrument in Restoring His church to the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this and is another Testemant and a witness that Jesus is the Christ. I LOVE THIS WORK!

I love you guys so much. Mom and Dad, Ill see you on Wednesday! The rest of you, i will see you on Friday! I LOVE YOU! Drive safe and fly safe!

Love, Elder Burnham

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