Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pray for Julliana and for Jenny

Hey Mom and Dad-

Im glad yall had a fun few days at the lake this week. Why don’t you just talk Someone else into getting the other lake house? I bet Shawna and Andy would do it. This week was a good one. Its always a little difficult getting used to a new area, but I think im good now. Living with other missionaries is actually really fun. The Spanish Elders are really cool guys, but the only time we can ever really hang out with them is on p-day. I think I already told you about our apartment. It’s a two story and is probably one of the biggest in the mission. My companion is awesome. I get along with him better than any of my passed companions. He is from Orange County so that’s pretty cool. Hes totally someone I would hang out with back home. Its going to be a good transfer. President told me that ....... President told me in my interview that this is the time that I need to step it up a notch and lead. So that’s kind of what I have been trying to put to action this week and its actually been really good. Im just so used to having companions that are really hard workers, so its definitely going to be a learning experience this transfer.

Juliana is the main person that we are teaching right now. She is set to be baptized on January 24th. She loves everything that we have taught her and she has an amazing testimony. She is 21 years old, and she goes to all the YSA activities and goes to institute every Tuesday. You could definitely say that she is a golden investigator. Please pray for her. And please keep praying for Jenny back in crestview. She is living back at home now and her parents aren’t letting her go to church. She is still paying a full tithe though and is working with the bishop to help her financially so that she can move out. Anyways, other than Julianna, we have about 3 others that we are working with. Its pretty slim pickings here in Fort Walton. The Missionaries that have served her in the passed havnt been the most obedient, so we don’t really have as much trust with the members as we did in Crestview. So hopefully getting in with Steve Chapman and his Family will help us get in with the ward. It was so weird walking in to PEC that first Sunday and having Steve in there Saying, “ Whats up Josh?” Yeah, really strange. But hes way cool. He hasn’t had us over for dinner yet, but ill get on him for that and make it happen haha.

I got the pants a few days ago. Thank you so much, I really needed those. Yeah ill try to sent some pictures off to yall sometime this week. I havnt really taken to many yet, so thanks for the reminder. I love that picture frame that you sent me so much. I usually have it turned on when everim getting ready for bed and usually all of p-day. I love it.

We got a cheap blender from a thrift store and we have been making shakes every morning. I have been trying to eat a lot healthier lately. Between us and the Spanish elders, we usually buy carrots, frozen strawberries, bananas, and yogurt to make shakes. Ive had a ton more energy every day than when used to just toast a couple of egos and microwave some sausage. Ive been able to get through whole days without ever needing a lunch time nap or anything. Its been great. Plus, ive been taking those juice plus pills so im feeling pretty good.

Im glad to here that everyone in the fam is doing well. I just got an emails form Katey and Shawna and it sounds like they are doing great. Anyways, I gots to go. I love yall so much. Thank you for everything. I love you mom, I love you dad. Ill talk to ya next week
Elder Joshua Burnham

My new address is 17 falcon ridge ln. Fort Walton, Florida 32547

Dear Mom and Dad,
The new area is great. Fort Walton is a pretty big city right on the gulf. Its nothing like Crestview at all. To tell you the truth, I actually miss crestview a lot. The members there were like family. That’s funny that Kevin Jura wrote you guys that letter. He was a less-active member who has struggled a lot in the past. He had not been to church in almost a year. We stopped by his house a couple of times and it seems like he just kinda took a liking to us. He and his wife started having us over for dinner all the time. We became really good friends with them to the point where we finally just told him that he needs to get back to church. So the next Sunday he came back and talked to the bishop. Every Sunday after that he came and eventually was able to take the sacrament again. They now have plans to get sealed in the DC temple in the very near future. Its been really fun seeing Kevins life turn around. That’s cool that he wrote you guys....But anyways, back to the new area. Its definitely a lot more like Pensacola, but way less churches and a lot more bums. Our apartment is two stories. Its me, Elder Cornwell, E. Hall, and E. Roselund who is brand new. Then right next door to us is the Spanish Elders. I think this area is really going to stretch me. Everyone here is a little more lax as far as the rules go and that’s going to be hard on me. But itll be good. We have a baptism coming up on the 24th. They only taught her one lesson before I got here and she said that this was the church for her and she wants to be baptized. Her name is Juliana. We just taught her the plan of salvation a couple days ago and she is extremely solid. She believes everything that we have taught her and has a very strong testimony. We have a few investigators other than her that have some good potential as well.

My new address is 17 falcon ridge ln. Fort Walton, Florida 32547. I havnt sent the check home yet. Im just going to mail it to you, probably today if I remember. I don’t really know what we have planned for today, we live right next to a bowling alley that only costs a quarter per game so we might go there after we clean a little bit. There is definitely a lot more to do here than there was in Crestview.

That’s awesome that you guys are gonna start going to the temple more. Im really jealous. I miss it so much. I think that’s one of the first things I want to do when I get home is go to the temple. Oh yeah, that reminds me! I think I know the Family vacation that we should to when I get back! We were over at a members house last night and he was telling us all about the vacation that he and his wife took down to Mexico to see the ancient Lamanite ruins. The pictures that this guys took were so amazing. He said that there are so many little details about the ancient temples down there that completely point to the book of Mormon. He said that you pretty much have free rain to just go wherevery you want in the temples. Most people don’t go inside to far because of how dark they are inside, but he said if you bring flashlights, you can just explore all over inside these ancient temples. I just think that would be so cool. It would be such a testimony builder. But that’s just an idea of course. We still have about a year to figure all that out haha.

Well, I love you guys. Im going to email President Summerhays now. Thank you so much for everything, I really love your emails. Thank you again for everything you did for me on Christmas. Mom- I love you!!!!! Dad- I love you!!!! Ill talk to ya next Monday
Elder Joshua Burnham

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I was pretty excited after talking to ya'll

Hey Mom and Dad-

I didn’t even know that that sword even existed anymore. Weird. Its even more weird that you got gypped $50 for it hahaha. What the heck? Anyways, that’s good that the family party went well. I cant believe Tracy was there, that’s pretty crazy. Yeah I was so excited after talking to all yall. It was so much fun talking to everyone. Me and Shawna were just crackin up the whole time, it was awesome. I love our family, seriously, the Burnhams are the coolest. I sent the pictures out on Friday, so you should get them today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for the baseball cards haha! It was fun opening them up. It was pretty cool considering one of the cards from one of the boxes will probably pay for a couple months worth of gas when I get home. I sent it home with the memory card so that I wouldn’t loose it.

Thank you sooooo much for the Christmas packages yall sent. I loved everything that you got me. I seriously was not expecting that much stuff. What should I do about the pants? Do you want me to just send them home and you can just return them and send the other sizes out? It’s a 30”32 I wear. I probably didn’t write it right last time so seriously, don’t feel bad. Everything else that you got me was perfect. Oh yeah I should probably send you the chech that Boppa sent me as well because there is no wells fargo up here.

I don’t really know what else to tell you guys haha. We seriously talked for like 3 hours so I pretty much told you everything already. Christmas day was a blast. We spent the day over at the bishops house and just hung out with his family. They take such good care of us. They bought us presents so we wouldn’t feel left out. It was tough though because they bought a Wii and we just sat and watched the kids play that for like 2 hours. Even the Bishop was trying to get us to play it, but we resisted the temptation haha.

Last night was a fun night as well. Our friends Ben Walker (Jenny’s boyfriend) had his farewell party last night, so we went over there for most of the night last night. That guy reminds me so much of Ray, its ridiculous. He said he wants to come back to either Cali or Utah and room with me when he gets back so that might be kinda fun.

As far as the work goes, it was pretty slow this week. Elder Hill got strep throat and has been pretty much dying all week, so we couldn’t really do that much. To tell you the truth, im getting pretty excited about transfers, although I hope there is no leadership involved. I just hope I get a companion that wants to work hard and have fun.

Well anyways, Im sorry there wasn’t too much to talk about this week, im sure I will have plenty of fun stories to tell next week. I just hope you know how much I love you guys. Keep me in your prayers, and ill do the same for you I love you Mom! I love you Dad! I love you family!

Elder Joshua Burnham


Had a great phonecall from Josh on Christmas. He called to set it up on his Pday and surprised us. We had really been missing him and the phonecall was like salve on a wound!! Then we got to talk to him 3 times on Christmas day, and all the kid had a chance to talk to him too. He sounds so great and is loving his mission. He seems to have grown so much and has some great insights that made us appreciate the fact he really is growing and learning so much about himself and life.