Monday, March 15, 2010

March15, 2010 Whitney and Will

Hey Guys!
This has been a really good week. We have been praying for miracles for our investigators Will and Whitney. They have baptismal dates for March 27, but they had to make it to church twice befor they could get baptized. They are so solid, and would be coming to church every week if they could, but they both work for the County and have work every single Sunday. Whitney said that she would be able to pull some strings, but Will said that it would be highly unlikely. That was last week. So we all said that we would pray that a miracle would happen, and it did. Somehow, Will was able to talk his boss into letting him shift his hours around each Sunday so that he could come to church. So Will and Whitney both came yesterday and had a great time. We have another investigator named Julianne who is really close to baptism as well. We are hoping to set a date soon. She is marries to a member. They are a young couple and are both really excited about the church right now.

We knocked alot of doors this week. We found some dirt roads that have tons of houses so we have been working those areas for a while now, and have had some success.

Zone conference was this last Thurday. It was a good one. We talked alot about how we cannot determine what are success is going to be at any given time, because success is a gift; but we can determine what our actions are going to be, and have hope that we will recieve far beyond our expectations if we just move forward in faith and trust in God. At one point,we got on the topic of our future and what is in store. President listed a few categories on the chalk board, one of them being love and marriage. Of course President Summerhays decides to single me out since i was the closest to going home, and he asked me how am i going to go about love and marriage when i get home. I thought for a moment, and told him, "President, i dont have a single idea." So President gave me some pointers about going to institute and dating. Your going to love this one mom. He told me that his best guess is that i will be getting married alot sooner than later. So wierd to even be thinking about that!

So we are just going to be flying out of Tallahassee? That sounds good. I think the places i would like to go through are Crawfordville, Fort Walton, and Troy. Those are really the only ones that i would like you to see. I think Pensacola would be a little too far. Maybe Crestview. I think that might be on the way from Fort Walton to Troy, so maybe that will work. Its going to be alot of driving, but it will be fun.

Thats cool that President Burnette is just going to meet us right when we get back. What are we going to do on Friday? Just relax at the house with everyone? I would really like to go to In and Out, so maybe we can make a family trip over there? I like the idea of doing an FHE. That will be fun. I am so excited to see everyone!

That would be cool to get started with work. Pest Control would be a pretty good job i think. Thanks for sending that in for me. You sent me that registration information; do i need to fill those out by a certain date? Please let me know so that i can plan a time to do that.

Thats awsome that you were able to talk to Sister Summerhays. She is amazing. I think i am most excited for you guys to meet with her and President more than anyone else.

Well, I love you mom and dad. Im glad everything is going good back home. I am excited for next month!

Love, Elder Burnham

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